10 Things You Should Not Do After A Chemical Peel

A chemical peel is so common these days that you can find almost all high-profile skin care clinics providing these treatments. Even professional salons have also started these services. Although it is a dermatological procedure, high-end salons also include these treatments due to their demand. Because it is a derma process, it needs special care, and your clinic will provide strict pre-care and post-care guidelines. 

As the name suggests, chemical peel uses certain acids of varied strengths to resurface the skin layers. It is generally of three types: superficial peel, medium peel, and deep peel. Each peel has its pre and post-care set and addresses various issues.

1) The superficial peel resurfaces the upper layer of the dermis, so it is mild, and your skin will not peel aggressively.

2) The medium-depth chemical peel is of medium strength and targets the dermis layer of the skin, due to which the skin starts to peel after 3 to 4 days and continues for 7 to 14 days. Medium strength peel targets many skin concerns like pigmentation, sunburn, fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, etc.

3) A deep peel can be harsh on the skin, and the peel concentration lasts the longest. The patient needs to take complete rest for a few months. The face needs to be covered with a bandage in most cases. This is generally done under strict medical guidance and in the presence of a skin specialist or dermatologist. It is usually conducted on more mature skin suffering from sunburn, deep wrinkles, sagging, crepe skin, pigmentation, etc. The patient needs to take complete bed rest after these procedures.

The first two types of chemical peels are common and practiced everywhere; nevertheless, deep peels are also getting popular these days. A chemical peel requires a strict aftercare process; else, it will not yield satisfactory results. Here we have jotted down ten important things you should never do after going through this process. So if you are about to undergo this procedure or plan to do so, read on to learn about it. 

Things You Must Not Do After A Chemical Peel

  • The first and most important thing is to avoid harmful sun rays, as the skin is in healing mode and more susceptible to sun damage. Ditch road trips and avoid the sun between 10 am to 4 pm if you need to go out. Use sunscreen with high SPF and an umbrella. 
  • Don’t use a cleanser containing AHA, BHA, or glycolic acid. Go for a mild skin cleanser specially dedicated to sensitive skin. As the skin is raw and sensitive, it’s essential to use a mild cleansing lotion.
  • Skin peeling is very normal after the chemical peeling process. Use moisturizer to soothe the irritation but picking the skin can cause serious harm.
  • Don’t use makeup items like foundation, compact, or primer, as the skin is prone to react, so it’s better to keep it natural.
  • Don’t let the skin dry, as peeling of the superficial layer is quite common, so drying out will irritate the skin. Use an abundant amount of oil-free and noncomedogenic moisturizer.
  • Stop using a physical exfoliator. Peeling is a chemical exfoliant that removes the upper layer of the skin by revealing the softer and younger layer beneath. By using a physical exfoliant, you will further damage your skin.
  • Don’t use retinol-based cream. If you used it earlier, stop using it for the next 15 days.
  • Avoid activities that cause you to sweat, like exercising, running, cycling, and even avoid saunas or steam baths, as the heat will make the skin more irritated.
  • Stop using warm or hot water on your face for a few days after a chemical peel. Hot water further aggravates the condition. 
  • Don’t go for any further skin treatment; wait for at least four weeks until your skin is ready.


We hope these tips will help you heal better after undergoing a chemical peel treatment. Contact your skin clinic for proper guidance regarding the procedure.



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