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What You Need To Know About Rosacea Prone Skin

Approximately 16 million Americans suffer from Rosacea. The condition typically affects your cheeks but can also affect the skin on your nose, eyes, chin, and forehead. A red rash on areas of the face and sometimes a red nose are some of the symptoms associated with Rosacea.

Although there is no “cure” for rosacea, many ways exist to care for your rosacea-prone skin.

What is the risk of Rosacea?

Rosacea is a progressive skin condition that gets more severe without treatment. Detecting it early and treating it as soon as possible will prevent its severity from increasing. Most people do not realize they have rosacea until their face becomes extremely red.

The sooner you begin rosacea treatment, the better. If you catch it early, rosacea can be treated without a prescription using anti-inflammatory skincare ingredients. When rosacea symptoms first appear, rosacea skincare routines can help prevent the disease. 

What Are The Signs Of Rosacea?

What is the most effective way to tell if you have rosacea? It is uncommon for patients to ask me, “Do I have rosacea?” unless they have moderate to severe facial redness and pimples. Many patients do not realize they have rosacea because they believe they have sensitive skin. 

Early signs of rosacea include: 

  •  When your face becomes red easily
  • The face flushed with emotion
  • Exercise causes the face to become hot, itchy, and red
  • Foods that are hot (temperature) or spicy make your face flush

It’s likely that you have early rosacea if you experience these symptoms. Since darker skin types cannot see the redness that is characteristic of rosacea, you can tell if you have the disease if your face stings or feels hot. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t look pink. Dark skin types can also suffer from rosacea!

The most effective way to treat Rosacea is to catch it early before it causes skin damage. Skin aging and uneven pigmentation are symptoms of inflammation.

Maintain a simple skin care regimen

It is advisable to choose products that are mild and fragrance-free. Your symptoms can be alleviated by using a gentle cleanser and a moisturizer. Be gentle when washing your face, and use lukewarm water.

Make sure you wear sunscreen

The sun’s heat can harm people with rosacea in most cases. You may experience redness and inflammation as a result. Ensure you apply enough sunscreen before going out to protect your skin. Use sunscreen cautiously, as some products still contain irritating ingredients. Niacinamide and physical blockers are beneficial for reducing redness in the skin, so choose sunscreens that contain these ingredients.

Laser treatment might be worth considering

Laser treatment will eliminate the blood vessels in the face. This reduces the redness and swelling in the area. The American Academy of Dermatologists reports that laser treatment can reduce rosacea symptoms by 50%-70% after one to three treatments over five years. 

At My Perfect Skin Clinic, we offer aesthetic medical laser treatments for all skin types and tones, including skin rejuvenation, tightening, hair reduction, acne, rosacea, spider veins, nail fungus, and more. 650-microsecond technology delivers high energy in short pulses without causing pain, burns, or bruises.

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