Faulty treatments and causes of acne run rampant and some have been passed down for generations. Acne can be so exasperating that people are often willing to try just about anything in an attempt to make the acne disappear. Today I want to list some of these unproven and unsupported theories so that we can focus on what truly works.

Some popular myths that interfere with understanding acne and getting it under control:

  1. Chocolate and greasy foods cause acne: the grease from the food you consume doesn’t travel as grease to your skin just like your hair doesn’t turn green from eating kale. The milk in some chocolates and other ingredients (more on this in a future blog) can exacerbate acne but don’t cause acne per se.

  2. Dirty skin causes acne: if you are prone to acne over scrubbing the oil (sebum) on your skin can actually trigger your skin to produce more sebum. Proper treatment and products that control the delicate balance of your skin are more effective. Also, acne is produced from the inside out (inside the pore) and not from the outside in.

  3. Acne is only a teenage disease: acne can appear at any age

  4. Acne scars will disappear with time: although, some scars can improve, deep acne scars are very difficult to treat and sometimes impossible to fully eliminate which is another reason why timely and effective treatment is best.

  5. No treatment works: I see the effective results of the Face Reality Acne Treatment every day. It is truly life changing

Failed and unproven active treatments throughout history included:

  1. Antibacterial vaccines: injecting vaccines to suppress acne bacteria has not been proven effective and lacks therapeutic value.

  2. X-ray treatment: although this treatment is hopefully no longer being done due to the high risks (e.g. skin and thyroid cancer), it was once used as a way to reduce the size of the sebaceous glands which of course, grew right back and resumed their normal function after a month or so.

  3. Estrogen therapy: this can make the skin less oily and improve acne but has serious side effects for men (e.g. enlarged breasts, voice changes) and women (e.g. increased bleeding and gynecological problems).

  4. Antibiotics: bacteria is only a small part of the acne problem; acne bacteria is part of the normal flora of everyone’s skin. Additionally, only a small portion of the antibiotics flushed through the entire body actually filter its way to the skin. Antibiotics not only interfere with useful bacteria but most have serious negative side effects. They tend to be an over-kill and not a reasonable long-term solution.

  5. Ultraviolet Light: this treatment stemmed from the drying and sometimes peeling effect that sun can have on the skin and consequently acne. Now we know about skin cancer and wrinkle producing damages of the sun.

Many of these ideas stem from coincidental and personal experiences not based on proven evidence or facts.

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