Long Distance – Client Instructions

Long Distance Acne Treatment Program

1. Schedule your Long Distance Acne Consult: $75

This includes your Serum Test Kit, an initial consultation live via Skype or email and recommendations for your personalized home care program. The Serum Test Kit includes instructions on how to use it and how to report the results back to us.
(NOTE: We only ship within the United States and Puerto Rico)

2. Long Distance Client Questionnaire

Fill out the long distance client questionnaire. Be as complete as possible, especially about the products you’re using. Whether you have youth or adult acne, we need to know if there is anything you’re currently using that might be clogging your pores, thereby exacerbating your acne, and/or any products that have caused a bad reaction in the past.

3. Take Photos of Your Skin

Take five digital photos of your skin. Your face should fill up the entire picture frame for the most clear detail.
Instructions for taking photos:
– One from each side
– One straight on
– One from a 45 degree angle from each side
– Do not use a flash
– If available, use a macro setting
Email the pictures to myperfectskinclinic@gmail.com

4. Assessment & Recommendations

We will assess your skin condition and type based on the information from your questionnaire, your photos and consult. We will recommended list of products and their cost (usually, about $145 for a 3-month supply.).
You will receive detailed instructions on how to use the products, test the serums and you must contact us every two weeks until you’re clear using the Long Distance Check-in Form and Consult (See Step 5 below).

5. Regular Check-in Every Two Weeks

Once you receive and start using products, we must hear from you every 2 weeks. Your responsibilities are:
a. Submit the Long Distance Check-in Form on our website every two weeks.
b. Schedule your 2 week Long Distance Follow-up Consult ($30) where we will review your progress and new skin care routine for the next two weeks.
c. If you have any questions or concerns about your products, routine or skin condition, email us at myperfectskinclinic@gmail.com
d. Please submit photos of 5 different angles of your face at least once a month.

In most cases, it will take at least four to five months of using our products consistently with our coaching to get your acne under control. With patience and consistency, your skin will thank you!