Considering laser hair removal? Here is what you must know.

Laser hair removal.

Getting rid of unsightly body hair with a laser may be the answer to your prayers. Many users have reported permanently reduced hair growth after trying the procedure.

With this procedure, the hair follicle is destroyed, as opposed to merely being trimmed to the skin’s surface or pulled out from the root, as is the case with more conventional techniques of hair removal. Adjusting to your skin tone and hair texture, a cosmetic laser “zaps” each individual hair follicle, destroying it and stopping it from growing back.

While it may seem like a straightforward, pain-free option, not everyone can benefit, and some safety measures must be taken first.

Don’t throw away the razor just yet.

Before you throw out all of your razors in favor of laser-treated hairless skin, it is vital to note that you will need to shave before your visit. The explanation is fairly simple: the laser must target the hair follicle at the base, and having long hairs growing above the skin will only impede its ability to do so. Instead of reaching the hair follicle directly, the laser energy can be absorbed by the hair itself; therefore, it is a waste of time and will have no impact.

However, it should be noted that only shaving is permitted prior to laser hair removal procedures. Avoid waxing or plucking, as you would be removing the hair root, which is what the laser must target. Without the laser’s ability to see the hair root, the treatment would be ineffective. Remember to shave, not wax or pluck!

Avoid using tanning beds.

Laser hair removal is the most effective when your skin is at its natural color. This requires abstaining from sun beds for at least four weeks previous to your appointment or until your skin is no longer tanned (or even worse, sunburnt). The same is true for tanning in natural sunlight, so if you’ve been exposed to UV rays, you won’t be able to receive the procedure immediately after a sunny vacation.

Tanned skin cannot be treated with a laser because it increases the possibility of discoloration, which is undesirable. To prepare for a hair-free summer, it makes sense that most individuals opt for laser hair removal in the winter when they are less likely to be tanned.

Put away your fake tan.

Using a self-tanner may seem like the greatest alternative to sunbathing if having a tan is essential to you, and you cannot bear to skip sun beds. Unfortunately, a self-tanner will prevent you from undergoing the procedure. As spray tans, tanning lotions, or similar products are used to darken the skin, there is a potential that more laser energy will be absorbed by the skin than by the hair follicle. This will not only diminish the treatment’s efficacy, but excessive light energy absorption in the skin can also increase the danger of blisters or burns.

Following a laser hair removal treatment, it should also be noted that self-tanners should not be utilized for the following four weeks.

Refrain from using skincare products.

If you typically apply multiple layers of moisturizers, oils, and lotions in the morning, you’ll need to omit this step the day of your laser hair removal treatment. The skin must be entirely clean and product-free to prevent any issues and the possibility of discoloration.

It’s vital to refrain from using any recommended facial treatments, such as Retin-A for acne, for at least two to four weeks before the procedure to ensure the skin is in its usual state and won’t be too sensitive.

Consult your physician.

If you are taking any prescribed medicine, you should ask your doctor if this will impair your ability to get the therapy. Certain drugs, such as Accutane, can increase the skin’s sensitivity to the energy emitted by the laser, which may result in adverse effects. Before the treatment, it may be necessary to cease taking the prescription for some time; therefore, it is always prudent to consult your physician.

Variable appointment times

Depending on the extent of the area being treated, the procedure could take anywhere from a few minutes (treating the upper lip, for instance) to an hour (treating the legs, for example). Conveniently, you may be able to schedule a laser hair removal session during your lunch hour.

It should be noted, however, that a maximum amount of body hair may be removed in a single session. Any competent practitioner will inform you that your skin can safely absorb a maximum amount of laser light and energy in a single session and will not allow you to exceed that amount.

You should see fast results.

You’ll start to notice changes in your hair growth after only one session, which typically leads to a decrease in the volume of hair that grows back and the rate at which it does. This will only improve and become more apparent with each session, so persistence is undoubtedly warranted. Although having patience is not always easy, if you stay with laser hair removal, you should start to notice significant improvements after three months.

It’s crucial to remember that laser hair removal is a technique for permanently decreasing hair growth, not for permanent elimination. Mixing up the two is easy, but before you end up disappointed, be sure you understand what to expect.

Pain is kept to a minimum.

Laser hair removal is not as unpleasant as you may believe and is typically a significantly better process than waxing or depilation. Numerous individuals liken the feeling to a rubber band cracking against the skin. Fair. It may sound somewhat unpleasant, but the laser targets large regions at once, and the process is completed so swiftly that you scarcely notice it.

Regarding side effects, laser hair removal is an exceedingly safe, and there has few adverse effects. Some individuals may suffer itching, redness, and a warm sensation on the skin following treatment, but these symptoms typically diminish within 20 minutes to two hours.

Lastly, conduct research.

You already know how critical it is to conduct thorough research before having any aesthetic operation done. It’s essential to know a qualified specialist is administering the therapy, and laser hair removal is no exception to that rule. Make sure you visit a licensed specialist skilled in what they are doing since you don’t want anyone messing with your skin.

We also have a wide variety of waxing offers available for both men and women if you’re unsure if laser hair removal is best for you. Additionally, our modern lasers give the best results with no down time, pain or discomfort.

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