What is waxing?

Technically, it is a semi-permanent hair reduction that removes hair from the root from the follicle. Typically, new hair will not grow back in the waxed area for four to five weeks; however, some first-time waxers will notice regrowth within a week due to their hair cycles being out of sync. What exactly is a hair cycle? There are three stages of hair growth: Anagen, catagen, and telogen, and each strand of hair on the body is at a different developmental stage. How do we then synchronize all of the inches? Once the cycle is complete, it will restart in 4-5 weeks, and a new hair strand will begin to grow from the follicle; therefore, it is essential to schedule regular waxing appointments to sync the cycles.

More than five million hair follicles cover the human body…… INCREDIBLE, right? There are only a few locations on the human body where hair does not grow, including the lips, soles of the feet, and palms. I can only imagine how strange and ticklish it would be to schedule an appointment to wax the soles of your feet!

Dos and Don’ts

Countless waxing clinics can be found across the country, and chances are there are a few in your immediate vicinity as well. Regular waxing is increasingly popular. Despite this, many of us are still curious about this in general. Going to a reputable spa is one thing, but preparing for your appointment is another. So, without further ado, here are some dos and don’ts that everyone should know.


You should ensure that your skin is supple and wax-ready, with as little dead or dry skin as possible in the way. Therefore, you should exfoliate before your waxing treatment. Consider asking the professionals at a reputable waxing shop for ideas on exfoliants. Then, refrain from exfoliating in the 48 hours preceding your waxing session to ensure that your skin is not fragile on the day of your wax session.


It is not advisable to shave before a wax service. This is because wax cannot adhere to hairs that are too short. You will be left with severely inflamed skin, and the wax will not be as effective. Wait until your hair is at least a quarter of an inch long before scheduling an appointment.


Your first treatment will not necessarily remove all of the unwanted hair. Typically, two to three waxes are required to eliminate all hair for novices. Be prepared for this; after your hair has been removed initially, it will be much easier for you and your specialist to maintain it.


After the procedure, you can apply mild creams to soothe your skin. On the day of your session, you should avoid using lotions. Lotion makes it challenging for the wax to adhere to your hair, making the job more difficult for your specialist.


You must allow your skin to breathe on the day of your appointment. We recommend that you wear cotton underwear! On recently waxed skin, cotton underwear is less irritating and more breathable. It will reduce the likelihood of adverse reactions and make it easier for your skin to heal after waxing.

The process of waxing isn’t always entirely painless. Please make sure you’re ready for the procedure, but it is worth it!

If you’ve been putting off booking your first waxing appointment because you’re fed up with shaving, I encourage you to do so. At least that’s the impression I get when I compare it to what I was used to. Let the aesthetician know you’re nervous and that this is your first time getting waxed.

First-time waxing can be painful, but it’s not long-lasting and only gets better with each subsequent treatment!

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