Benefits of regular facialsOur skin is the largest organ of the body. It serves as a protective barrier between our organs and the environment. Our skin also says a lot about who we are: it has indicators of our ethnicity, age, how we eat, how we take care of ourselves, etc. It is an externally visible component of who we are.

Our skin changes throughout our lives and can be affected by hormones, age, sun, foods, water, habits, and our environment. We can go through periods of acne, sun damage, dryness, irritation, etc.

Skin cells typically renew or turn over every 28 days and slow down as we age. This

number is key to understanding how often you need to get a professional treatment or facial. Ideally, you want to keep your skin cells turning over close to that 28 day number to keep your skin looking healthy and youthful. Of course, individuals who are prone to acne tend to shed cells faster and need more frequent treatments to prevent the pores from becoming clogged or congested. Also, if a client wants to turn back some of the signs of aging (decreased collagen and elastin), they would initially need more frequent treatments until they can return to a maintenance level. I find that 3 weeks (just before that full cellular buildup) is the sweet spot for follow-up and maintenance services.

Benefits of a facial include:

• Expert skin analysis and advice from someone who truly understands what is going on with your skin and how to best care for it.

• Professional strength exfoliation to smooth the skin, lighten discoloration from sun and breakouts, improve skin tone and texture.

• Manual extraction of blackheads and clogged pores to create smoother and less-bumpy skin and shorten the cycle of a breakout. This reduces blemishes and breakouts.

• Intensive hydration to repair the skin’s moisture barrier to keep skin looking plump and hydrated.

• Specialized treatments to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

• Facial massage to increase circulation to encourage brighter, glowing skin.

• Help for maintaining youthful and healthy-looking skin from a trained expert.

• Professional guidance for your home care routine. This includes seasonal, environmental, hormonal and age-related changes occurring with the skin. Also knowledge of the best ingredients for your skin concerns.

• Stress release. Facials are extremely relaxing.

• Time for you and only you. How often do you take time just for you?

Of course, in-clinic treatments are like a workout at the gym with a professional trainer and pro equipment but it is vital to do your daily in-home routines (aka home care products) to achieve and support the best results. Going to an aesthetician is like a having your own personal skin specialist to guide you to your most amazing skin!

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