Have you ever walked through the skin care aisle of a store and just felt completely overwhelmed?

Like most of us, you want to use good skin care products but how do you choose what’s the best product for your skin or your skin concerns.

I totally feel your pain. Been there, done that.

I always wanted nice, healthy skin but often felt like I might as well be throwing money down the drain. So many companies and products promise you: clear skin, no more acne, no more wrinkles, lightened pigmentation, reduced scars, and so on. But few actually deliver.

First, we must understand that retail, store-bought products will rarely have the quality or quantity of active ingredients that our skin actually needs to get visible results. This is partly to keep costs down (cheap and affordable to appeal to the masses) and also to prevent customers from causing damage to their skin because they don’t have the guidance to properly use higher concentrations. This is why professional products with the guidance of a skin care professional (i.e. aesthetician or dermatologist) are able to provide the results we want.

I have seen excellent results with our product lines in achieving our clients’ goals, and my goals. I always test all products for months to make sure I’m seeing the results I expect and want before using them on clients. In some ways, I’ve spent the money and done the research and testing for you. I also have extensive knowledge of skincare ingredients and concentrations so I know what to look for, what works and what is just marketing gimmicks.

Of course, higher concentrations and better quality also means higher cost. But you’ll be surprised. With all the marketing some of these big box store-products do, they end up selling their cheap potions for a much higher price than many professional grade products. I’ve done my research to find the best products at the best prices.

In my quest to get effective, results-driven products to all people, I’ve created the Perfect Skin Boxes….

Each box comes with 4 product minis (enough to last for 1-2 weeks) of the products needed to address the following skin concerns:

-Inflamed Acne

-Non-inflamed Acne




This will allow people from all over the country to try out our professional skincare products at a lower entry point and to test multiple products at a lower cost before committing to a complete, full size line. It will also be easier to purchase and gift to someone who could benefit from better quality skin care products.

You can learn more about our Perfect Skin Boxes and about the different skin conditions they help here:


-YouTube Channel:

The Perfect Skin Boxes are available for purchase at our studio and on our website:

Please reach out to us so we can help you obtain your best skin!





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