In the Treatment Room: June Updates

June Promo: Free Travel Kit

Even though you may not be traveling much this summer, this is a perfectly handy mess-proof kit to throw in your travel bag. Even if it’s just for a camping trip or staycation Lol.

With Retail purchase of $100 or more.

Limited. While Supplies Last.

Introducing New Collagen Peptide Serum

Contains 3 different peptides, hydrating hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, vitamin C and E to rebuild collagen and help reverse the signs of aging skin.

Priced at $44

Our Le Mieux Collagen Peptide ($85), contains 4 peptides, ceramides, hyaluronic, vitamin E and A.

These are slightly different but both feel amazing and will give you results. Yes, the Le Mieux is stronger. These are some of the best anti-aging skincare products. And such a great value for quality ingredients and results.

Introducing Men’s Dermaplaning Treatment

This is like a professional straight edge shave but better because is done to the entire face and removes dead skin build up for increased cellular turnover and renewed skin (which great for anti-aging) along with removing facial hair.

Includes double cleansing, steam/hot towel, double dermaplane pass, high frequency to prevent folliculitis, hydrating mask, cold towel, finishing products.

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