If you’ve never used waxing as a form of hair removal, you may be hesitant due to possible discomfort or just the unknown. Discomfort…

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If you’ve never used waxing as a form of hair removal, you may be hesitant due to possible discomfort or just the unknown. Discomfort will vary depending on the amount and thickness of hair and pain tolerance. But with repeated waxing, it gets a lot easier. A well-trained waxer will also walk you through the experience making it a lot easier and more tolerable. Waxing is usually well worth it since the benefits far outweigh any brief discomfort. So what are some of these benefits?

Less Regrowth

One benefit to waxing is less regrowth, when waxing we are removing the hair by the root causing the hair to take longer to grow back the hair. When shaving you are only cutting the hair that is visible and not fully removing the hair that grows beneath your skin. Within a couple of days of shaving you are able to visibly see and feel stubble again. With waxing results can last up to 4 weeks before you start noticing any growth.

Finer Regrowth

Not only does waxing make your hair grow back slower and over time more sparse, but it also makes your hair regrowth finer. Because when shaving, you are bluntly cutting the hair at its thickest point. When removing the hair with wax you are allowing the hair follicle to grow a completely new hair that comes to a fine point making the hair look and feel softer and more fine, rather than thick and stubbly.

Form of Exfoliation

Waxing does more than just remove hair, it also removes that first layer of dry dead skin cells allowing your new healthy radiant skin to be exposed, making your skin appear more glowy and less dull.

No razor burn or itchy rashes

Razor burn is a skin rash caused by the razor irritating the skin and causing inflammation. By consistently using the razor over the area every few days, your skin continues to just get even more irritated. When waxing you are completely removing the hair and do not feel any friction or irritation caused by your undergarments or swimwear unlike when you shave. Waxing is only needed every 4 weeks allowing your skin to calm and heal vs. when you shave you are having to do so every few days, never allowing the razor burn to fully heal.

Less ingrown hairs

When properly removing the wax strip your hair freely grows out and is unlikely to cause ingrown h

airs. Your wax specialist will give you plenty of tips, tricks and product recommendations to continue to prevent stubborn ingrowns from forming.

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