Today, you may enhance your eyelashes in a variety of ways, from applying a fantastic mascara to wearing artificial eyelashes or even…

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Today, you may enhance your eyelashes in a variety of ways, from applying a fantastic mascara to wearing artificial eyelashes or even getting eyelash extensions. However, none of these are helping your natural lashes. As a result, eyelash serums are becoming increasingly popular and influential in the cosmetic and beauty market.

What is Eyelash Serum?

Eyelash serum was created to encourage natural eyelash development. To promote eyelash growth, the serums combine fatty acids and conditioning peptides with various nutrients and vitamins. They’re generally quick and easy to use; use the brush provided to sweep the gel along the edge of your eyelashes (near the eyelid), then go to sleep and allow the serum to do its thing. Most require a once-daily application to assist eyelashes to grow to their full length. However, don’t expect any serums to work overnight. The serum, like anything else, takes time to work, but with the appropriate serum, you should notice your eyelashes growing and thickening at the same time after a few weeks.
Growing your eyelash naturally.

-There are around 180 lashes on each upper eyelid, with an additional 85 lashes on the lower lid (average number).

-Every hair on the body (regardless of the kind) goes through three stages of growth: anagen (growing), catagen (resting), and telogen (the shedding phase). It can take up to 15 weeks for your eyelashes to fully develop.

-Healthy lashes can last up to 200 days before shedding; however, weak lashes only last about 90 days. The aging process, heredity, a lack of nutrients, medication, chemical treatments, and prolonged heat exposure are all factors that influence the growth phase of lashes. When lashes are injured, they do not develop as long as they should and shed prematurely…

So, what can you do to help your eyelashes grow faster? You can use an eyelash serum, which is meant to give lashes the proper nutrients and moisturize from the follicle, in addition to taking care of your food and ensuring you ingest the proper nutrients. Because they have the correct active nutrients to work hard with your natural development system, the serum links with your eyelash follicles and nourishes them, causing them to grow longer, thicker, and shinier than ever before.

Our Sheeky Lash Serum is 100% natural & hypoallergenic and:

  • Prevents lash thinning + breakage
  • Enhance overall appearance of lashes
  • Promotes long-term vitality and strength
  • Reinforces lash durability, shine and sheen
  • Safe for sensitive eyes + contact lens users
  • Great for past extension users who are experiencing less lash breakage
  • Irritation-free formula
  • Helps fortify lash follicles
  • Completely safe & effective
  • Natural ingredients
  • No harmful side effects
  • Great for extension users who now experience fewer lashes and lash breakage

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