My passion for skincare began at the age of 8 when I received a skin products chemistry kit. I was so fascinated about mixing all the lotions and potions. Oh the possibilities!

My life took me in many different directions and mostly away from my original dreams but life has a way of drawing us back to our most authentic self. I rediscovered my passion later in life and every little step I take in my new path fuels my passion.

Returning to school and opening my own skin clinic right here in Mesa, Arizona have allowed me to share this gift with others. I strive to help others achieve their best skin whether it’s by educating, treating or making the best skincare products available to them. I particularly enjoy working with acne and aging skin. I have experienced first hand the personal trauma that problematic skin can cause whether it’s trying to hide cystic acne under layers of makeup or going to invasive procedures to deal with lines and wrinkles. So many people feel the need to hide their beauty or feel shame because of these troublesome skin conditions. There are so many possibilities and effective treatments today that make this industry fascinating and your skin goals achievable. No one should have to stay home from an awaited event or cover their face because of some skin concern. There are safe, affordable and effective treatments for all types of acne, for anti-aging and for many other skin conditions.

Our skin, especially our faces, give an important first-impression to others and to ourselves. It most certainly affects our self-esteem. It’s not about being vain or superficial. Being comfortable and happy in our skin shouldn’t be about settling but about having the tools and resources to bring out our best. We should all have access to the knowledge, products and services that give us our best skin. The confidence that this brings will shine through, making you glow inside and out. We are better to ourselves and others when we are confident and radiant.

So go ahead and browse through my website. If you don’t see what you need or have questions, shoot me a message. I will be glad to help you. I look forward to being a part of your Perfect Skin journey …



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