The delicate area around our eyes is made of thinner skin than the rest of our face which makes it more sensitive and prone to tissue damage such as broken capillaries and puffiness. The area also lacks sebaceous glands making it more difficult for the skin to stay hydrated. Dry skin results in more visible wrinkling and dark circles. Although you may think that your face cream may do the trick, the delicate eye area really needs special ingredients to address all these concerns:

-Puffiness: is caused by fluid buildup in the lymphatic system resulting in swelling. This can caused by allergies, lack of sleep, diet, alcohol, and a weakened collagen-elastin network (ie. agin). Ingredients like caffeine or cooling cucumber can help reduce swelling.

-Dark circles: can be due to genetics, stress, broken capillaries, smoking, sun exposure, hyperpigmentation, and the shadows from the hollowing out of your eyes. Helpful ingredients include: vitamins C and K, kojic acid, and licorice can help combat skin discoloration, while ingredients like peptides can help plump up the skin to get rid of any shadows.

-Fine lines/Wrinkles: Thinner, dry skin along with constant muscle movement (winking, blinking, even smiling) will naturally cause your eyes to show signs of aging faster than the rest of your face. You’ll want products with collagen-building ingredients, such as retinol, to help boost thinning skin and smooth out fine lines.

Tips and tricks:

Store your eye cream in the refrigerator. The coolness will soothe tired eyes and help with puffiness. It will also preserve and prolong the life of your product.

Apply eye cream with your facial finger (ring finger which is more gentle than the index) using a light tapping motion.

Using eye cream under your makeup can help concealer go on more smoothly and prevent it from building up in fine lines.

I have always struggled with dark circles due to genetics, work schedule and dry skin which is why I searched high and low for the best eye cream. After trying just about everything is little to no results, I found a lab to manufacture the best eye cream with all the good ingredients our eyes need. It is has antioxidants, Retinyl, growth factors, collagen peptides, lighteners, anti-inflammatories, hydrators and moisturizers. It works wonders to decrease pigmentation, dark circles, puffiness, lines & wrinkles, free radicals & oxidative stress and dryness.

I absolutely love it and am confident you will too! Can’t wait for you to try it! You can Buy Here

My Perfect Skin Clinic

Corrective Acne & Anti-Aging Skincare

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Gilbert, AZ 85234

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